Communities of Practice

The Kenissa Network sponsors Communities of Practice (CoPs) that grew out of one or more of our national gatherings as part of our capacity building efforts. The CoPs are designed to bring members of the Kenissa Network together for sharing, thought partnership and mutual support regarding topics of common interest and concern. Each CoP receives support in organizing, defining its mission and establishing procedures. Leaders from among the group members will advance the work of each CoP and check in at regular intervals. If you are interested in joining a KenissaCoP, you should be in touch with Dr. Rob Weinberg –

Kenissa Network - Communities of Practice

  1. Funding and Fundraising: strategies and models, identifying potential funders, the challenge of asking, getting your house in order, how funding scales, the place of fundraising in your leadership.
  2. Leadership: matching people with needs and gifts, making tough choices, wearing multiple hats, managing transitions, leading change, loss and uncertainty, values-based leadership, power and humility.
  3. Scale and growth: Balancing depth and breadth, growing infrastructure and program together, letting go, “business” models, growing without over-extending or losing the essence, choosing partners
  4. Covenanting: Balancing accountability and hospitality/inclusiveness, belonging and engagement, mutual obligation and structures of reciprocity, defining, revisiting/renewing the b’rit, balancing individual and collective, addressing breach.
  5. Sustainability: Personal well-being of self, staff, partners.
  6. Organizational Culture: forming culture, defining the community, marketing/recruiting messages, lay leadership empowerment, ownership- vs. consumerist-mindset, values and assumptions about money, matching internal culture to external mission.

Participating in a Community of Practice can help:

  • Elevate your practice to the next level
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Increase knowledge and understanding in areas of development
  • Provide a forum to develop ideas or work through dilemmas
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your work and organization