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Kenissa: Communities of Meaning Network connects individuals who are leading contemporary efforts to re-imagine Jewish life and community. Kenissa helps organizations build capacity and supports a network to help these emerging communities of meaning thrive. Communities of meaning are networks of individuals that are inspired by an idea or a practice that enriches their lives and/or significantly improves conditions in the world for others. Read more »

Are you a Jewish innovator working to redefine Jewish life? Would you like to join a growing network of innovators like yourself?

There is no longer one pathway into Jewish life. Innovators in the KenissaNetwork are charting new pathways.

Read a groundbreaking study by Dr. Tobin Belzer on the work of Kenissa

“Jewish Communal Transformation: A Look at What’s Happening and Who is Making it Happen”



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Any organization that hopes to speak to the next generation of American Jews needs to advance innovative themes or "portals" by which Jews might enter into Jewish life:

  • Chochma, engaging with the wisdom and practice of our inherited Jewish heritage;
  • Kedusha, helping people live lives of sacred purpose;
  • Tzedek, inspiring people to work for a more just and peaceful world;
  • Kehillah, creating intentional, covenantal communities that bind people to one another and to a shared mission; and
  • Yetzira – the human ability to imagine/invent/create ideas, science, art and culture.

See perspectives from Kenissa Consulation participants »

Click here to access Rabbi Sid Schwarz’s essay “Jewish Megatrends”, 

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