Kenissa: Communities of Meaning Network is identifying, convening and building capacity among some of the most creative Jews in the country. We are particularly interested in identifying individuals who are building organizations in the following sectors: social justice; spiritual practice; Jewish learning groups; Jewish prayer groups/minyanim; eco-sustainability; and arts/culture.

Access to the Kenissa Network takes place by participation in the annual Kenissa Consultation that takes place every March. This is a gathering of 50-60 leaders of emerging communities of meaning across North America and it provides a deep dive into the conceptual framework that informs the Kenissa Network. Participation is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered, fill out the form under the National Mapping Project tab.

Once a person participates in a National Consultation they are invited to bring teams (professionals or laypeople) from their organizations to a Kenissa Cross-Training every December as well as participate in any number of communities of practice with access to highly skilled national consultants.

Kenissa‘s 2020 National Consultation will take place March 1-3, 2020 at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT.

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