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A successful FED Social + Jewish Veg collaboration!

Greetings all,

Fellow Kenissa participant Jeffrey Cohan of Jewish Veg and I are pleased to report a successful collaboration on a Shabbat FED with the theme of Jewish Veganism!

In case the pictures below don’t say it all, it brought together a diverse group (in age and ethnicity), a mix of both our constituencies, at FED House, my loft in Harlem, NYC. The evening featured an interactive program we developed together which served as an icebreaker and got people talking about farm animals. Jeffrey also delivered a FED talk (like a TED talk in that it is inspirational/motivational, spreads ideas, and is at times a bit counterintuitive — but it’s over dinner) on the topic of Jewish veganism. I found it to be an eye-opening experience, especially as the subject of farm animals is one that I at least, as a city girl, don’t usually consider! Of course, I also cooked a delicious vegan meal, showcasing how amazingly delicious vegan food can really be!

This is basically the idea behind FED — to serve as a platform that spreads ideas that is built into an inclusive Jewish community — and encouraging and helping Jews to embrace plant-based diets as an expression of Jewish values is the mission of Jewish Veg. If you’d be interested in learning more about FED dinners and how they work or Jewish Veg and its important work and ways we could all collaborate, definitely feel free to reach out to Jeffrey and me, respectively!

Excited for many more fruitful Kenissa collaborations in the future,
Deborah Fishman

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